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Shared Liferay Portal

Shared Liferay Portal is perfect solution for small businesses, clubs, non profit organization and personal websites. It provides all the power of an enterprise portal with affordable price. You can have your web site running in just minutes.

You can build easily build a web site and even your intranet all on same account. Start collaborating with your friends, collegues or customer easily.

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Dedicated Liferay Portal

Dedicated Liferay Portal gives you all the power of shared Liferay except it all yours to customize any way you like. There is absolutely no restrictions and this is the perfect solution for developers who want to host their solutions. There is absolutely no installation haszle as we preinstall and configure the latest stable Liferay Portal for you.

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PHP Hosting

Build your site easily with Joomla! or start blogging with Wordpress. With our PHP plans we can pre install them so your can start building your site faster.

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