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Choosing a Liferay hosting provider

Unless you are leasing a dedicated server for your Liferay installation you need to understand that not all VPS hosting providers are the same. For VPS hosting providers both memory and CPU are precious commodity. There’s only so much memory and CPU cores that a single server can hold. This equation many times result in over selling the resources. The most commonly over sold resource is the CPU but some virtualization solutions also allow over allocation of memory.
We use Xen which fully reserves the allocated memory to the virtual machine. We constantly monitor the over all resource usage so that we don’t over sell the available resources. In case we have vms that do use a lot of CPU we’ll pin their virtual CPUs to dedicated CPU cores so that they don’t affect other vms other wise will let most vms share cores for more optimal utilization and speed.
The second thing you really need to mind with applications like Liferay is the amount of memory available. Many VPS hosting providers try to sell you vms with as little as 256MB RAM which not even close to what Lifeary requires. Our smallest vm for Liferay has 1GB of RAM which really gives you at most 512MB for the JVM heap size. You need to leave some resources for the OS and database. We will also setup our Liferay vms with Apache to off load some of the resource processing to more memory and cpu efficient Apache web server. It is setup to cache static resources such as images, css and javascript.
We also setup all our vms with Shorewall firewall and by default only allow ssh and http ports open. This is all configured within the vm so if you need more ports opened you can do it yourself easily.
Another thing to think about where are the physical servers located and what kind of network access do they have. Our servers are located in a top of the line hosting facility in Germany with amazing 240Gbit internet backbone. The servers are connected to this backbone through 100Mbit connection and we offer unlimited inbound traffic and 1TB of outgoing traffic. Now we do monitor the traffic usage but won’t slap you with over usage charges unless you constantly and excessively over use it.
Not many budget hosting providers provide this kind of network connection. This kind of connection is pretty much unheard of in USA and the site still loads pretty snappily from US.
Now when you are considering hosting for your Liferay you should consider these factors. We also offer shared Liferay hosting which maybe a good fit for you. Please note that we are not a “professional hosting company” with someone ready to act 24/7 althrough we have monitoring and alert systems in place and everything is run by people with years of experience. We just don’t offer SLAs and the price tag associated with them even though our track record is very good.

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