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Essential WordPress Plugins Your Site Needs

Shaan Haidar wrote a Top 10 list of most essential wordpress plugins your site needs. Here’s what we think is the most essential plugins you should have.


This one goes without saying. If you run a blog changes of getting spam is pretty high and akismet eliminates alot of that comment spam. This plugin comes preinstalled on latest wordpress versions so all you need to do is get a API key from For personal accounts it’s free.


This one provides a lot of the features in to your self-hosted wordpress.


InboundWriter helps you SEO optimize your content while still keeping it natural sounding. We find this plugin very interesting and you can even use it without WordPress.

W3 Total Cache

This one is really important as your site needs to be fast so that Google doesn’t penilize your page rank and so that your visitors feel confortable browsing the site with fast response times. Having a slow site will turn away visitors.

WordPress backup to Dropbox

It’s always a good idea to have your own backup of your site even if your hosting provider does automatic backup.


Relevanssi replaces the built-in search of WordPress with a much better search engine. Having a good search is important especially if you have a lot of blog posts.

That’s our list. What’s your’s? Tweet it to us or comment below.

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