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Introducing PHP 7.0 and Nginx

php7-transparent Nginx-LogoWe’ve been working hard to upgrade our server infra to support the latest technology and I am really glad to announce that our new we’ve upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and now offer PHP 7.0 with Nginx mainline (1.11.2 at the moment). Our Nginx is built with Google Page speed, Cache Purge, GeoIP and headers more modules. We are now also including HTTPS with certificate from Let’s Encrypt to all managed/semi-managed plans which enables your site to benefit from HTTP2 speeding it up even more.

PHP 7 is considerable faster than it’s predecessor but that of course is always application dependent for example Owncloud benchmarked PHP 7 to be twice as fast and PHP 5.6. Similar results have been gotten also with with Drupal and WordPress by Zend.  Tests have also shown that it’s performance is up to par with HHVM.

Nginx is a super fast web server that has become more and more popular and most high traffic sites use it because of it’s ability to handle load. It’s downside is that it’s rules are static which is part of the reason why it’s so fast and it does not support .htaccess files that many PHP applications use but many have also started providing support for Nginx.

Currently we have generic PHP rules for Nginx and application specific ones for WordPress, Nextcloud and Drupal. Our WordPress setup can takes advantage of FastCGI Cache which is automatically cleared by the Nginx Helper plugin in WordPress. We’ve also enabled rules for Wordfence Falcon Cache which you can enable at your discretion and that makes your site really fly like.

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