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New hosting plans and pricing

Hosting4life is now VAT registered in Finland and as such we have to collect VAT for all sales within EU. For this reason all our prices are now VAT 0% and if you are not VAT registered and reside in within EU your local VAT rate will be applied to the final invoice as per tax rules for hosting sales within EU. For our customer from USA we’ve temporarily stopped pricing in USD because of the volatility in EURUSD conversion rate.

We’ve revamped most of our plans and now have new virtual server plans with super fast SSD storage. The old plans are no longer for sale but customers who are on those plans are free to use then for as long as they want under old terms. I hope you like our new plans and pricing as they are now much more competitive. If you can’t find plans that suite your needs feel free to contact us and ask for a quote on the specs you need.

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