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Now offering dedicated Liferay Portal Hosting

I’m proud to announce the availability of dedicated Liferay Portal on your own virtual private server. It’s all preinstalled and configured but you have full root access and can install any plugins you want.

Each virtual machine is running on Xen paravirtualization to get best performance possible. Our VMs use a real Linux lvm partition for disk which gives you the best IO performance and allows us to expand your storage space easily.

We monitor each VM with Nagios which alerts us if your VM goes down. Currently we only monitor that the VM is up and it’s SSH service is responding. Later we are going to offer a more full range of monitoring like load, disk space, running processes and even JVM heap utilization. All these are currently in use with our shared Liferay plan.

Our dedicated Liferay offering has a full range of different sized VMs to best suite your need and we offer the possibility to upgrade at any time. We’ll discount the new subscription with any time you have unsed on your current subscription. For example you have bought a Basic plan at 450€ per year and after 6 months want to upgrade it to Pro plan. Your new plan would then cost 750€ – 450€/2 totaling at 525€ for the first year and then at normal rate.

As introductory offer we offer additional 10% off any yearly subscription just give as promo code TENOFF2010 while ordering. Offer valid until 31.10.2010.

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